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Is a museum a school?
Is a museum political?
Is a museum truthful?
Is a museum fun?
Is a museum for everyone?

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Sam Durant is a multimedia artist whose work explores the relationships between politics and culture. His socially engaged practice addresses subjects as diverse as the American Civil Rights Movement, Southern rock music, and Modernism.

For his project, What #isamuseum?, Durant continues to investigate these ideas by engaging the public in an exploration of the roles and purposes of a museum. With five compelling questions, Durant invites reflections on and responses to the expectations and preconceptions of what a museum is. Individual responses can be shared on and on twitter with the #isamuseum.

According to Durant, "By expanding the conversation and encouraging different forms of response, participants can become active within the project and even change the debate around the initial issue."

What #isamuseum? originated in 2013 as a collaboration between Sam Durant and the J. Paul Getty Museum as part of the Getty Artists Program.

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